The passion for the macro is the fact of seeing in the infinitely small what is infinitely large. This animal living 4 to 6 years underground, once in the open air will only live 3 to 4 weeks. This makes us think about the notion of time which will bring a new vision on this space time in which we live. If we look closely, we could imagine that the 3 "rubies" worn on his head, looks like a helmet or rather a tiara.

Like all species, whether animal, human or plant, we form a whole and live in a nature that is perfect and deserves respect. Like the cicada, before we metamorphose, we are above all a chrysalis without consciousness.

Southern accent

SKU: 0003
  • Printing on plexi in 90x60 format equipped with an aluminum rail for easy hanging.

    Possibility of printing in a different format 120x80 on request. We remain at your disposal via the contact form.